Best Blinds for Your Living Room

Admin 23 Nov 2021

Best Blinds for Your Living Room

The living room is one space where all family meets at the end of the tiring day. It is also a place where we entertain our family and friends. Considering that it is a space where we spend the majority of the time, the room must have a welcoming feel while still looking presentable. Window blinds help you achieve these goals at once. Blinds are one way to bring together functionality and style. However, selecting the best blinds for your living room can be a confusing task for a beginner. Before choosing a window blind consider what are your priorities? Let’s find out some of the important aspects that are to be considered beforehand.
  • Light Control

Window treatments are meant to provide sufficient light control. If windows in your living room are facing east or west they are bound to receive direct sunlight probably throughout the day. In such cases, homeowners may want to opt for window blinds that can create a partial or complete blackout. The amount of light that can penetrate depends on the window blind material. Thus it is recommended to take into account how much sunlight you want to allow inside the room and then determine the type of window treatment. Additionally, it is always beneficial to opt for good quality window treatments rather than going for cheap window blinds that won’t last.
  • Improved Privacy

When spending time with loved ones you may want to enhance privacy a little more than usual, as you would want to avoid any outside interference. Moreover, you are more likely to face outside interference if your living room window faces a busy street. In such cases, privacy is more easily compromised as any passerby can peek into your private space. While almost all window treatments are able to provide excellent privacy, roman blinds, roller blinds as well as double roller blinds are particularly better in enhancing privacy function. All of these blinds are easily available along with roller blinds in Thomastown.
  • Minimize Screen Glare

Living rooms often have entertainment systems such as television sets, PlayStation, etc. Constant glare on these screens is annoying and it hampers the overall experience. Window treatments help you in minimizing screen glare or navigate through it effectively. In order to avoid glare, you can find venetian blinds in Thomastown or vertical blinds that can be perfect for living rooms. Apart from obvious functionality, they are easy to operate and give complete control over the amount of light that enters the house. Also, with vertical blinds, you can adjust the direction of the light entering your space.

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  • Energy Efficiency

Through windows heat as well as air circulates through your house. Additionally, a number of windows and their location also affect the temperature balance inside the house. Thus blocking them completely is not recommended. However, with the help of the right window treatments, you can further improve the energy efficiency of your home. Homeowners can find various types of blinds in Craigieburnthat will help them in gaining complete control over temperature adjustment as well as light. Above mentioned are some of the points to consider before selecting a window treatment for your living room. Now let’s quickly run through different blind options available in the market today.

1. Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds give you control over the light entering into the room as well as privacy. Along with functionality vertical blinds look stylish. Moreover, vertical blinds can be easily adjusted to allow light to enter partially in so that you can maintain enough privacy. These types of blinds are especially suitable for wider windows than the other way around. Get the best quality vertical blinds in Thomastown at Whittlesea Drapes and blinds.

2. Roller Blinds

The most adaptable and widely used type of blind is the roller blind. You will be able to choose the appropriate blind for your living room in a dizzying array of colors ranging from powerful reds to pastel blues and yellows. Their simplicity of installation is another feature that makes them so appealing. You will only need 10 minutes and a few screws to install them. Also, when they\'re opened, they rebound into a basic cylindrical shape, which is really convenient.

3. Venetian blinds

These are some of the cheapest window treatments available in the market. Additionally, you can find venetian blinds in different types of materials, including Aluminium, wood, timber, etc. These slats are perfect to completely block sunlight from entering the house. However, they can be a little bit heavier in weight due to the material used.

4. Shutters

Shutters are easy to clean and are also excellent in moderating light. However, if you are hoping to give a modern look to your house, shutters might not be the option for you. These window treatments have a unique old-world charm. Thus by installing shutters you can get a timeless feel along with great functionality.

Final word:

Window treatments are an inseparable part of the interior. They fulfill the primary need for privacy and light control in the most effective way. If you find it difficult to choose a window treatment from thousands of options available, then feel free to reach out to us anytime.