Factors To Consider Before Installing Window Awnings

Admin 02 Jul 2022

Factors To Consider Before Installing Window Awnings

Window awnings are a great way of enhancing the look of your windows. Although these may feel like a huge investment, they can be a great choice to protect from poor weather, storms, or extreme sun. Windows may damage due to the weather, and window awnings can help protect them. Besides that, window awnings can give a unique look to your home. Investing in window awnings can be a huge decision, but there are several excellent and affordable options with practical benefits available in the market to suit your needs. You may need to consider several factors to ensure you\'re making the right choice. Not sure how to get started? Here are a few points you should keep in mind when deciding to purchase window awnings.

1. Weather

The weather where you live will significantly impact the window awnings you pick. Do you live in a place that experiences sudden weather changes? Or does the temperature in your locality stay consistently the same throughout? If you live in extreme weather conditions where it is very sunny for some parts of the year and raining cats and dogs during the others, window awnings that can sustain external conditions would be a better choice. You could consider outdoor retractable awnings in such a case.

2. Purpose

What is the purpose you have in mind for installing the window awnings? Are you looking to install the awnings outdoors or on the sun-facing sides of your house? Do you want to add them to protect your patio, porch, or visual aesthetic? All these factors will determine the type of window awnings you can consider for your home. If privacy and shade are your priorities, you should consider installing drop awnings. These do not interfere with the windows\' architectural fretwork and also be motorized.

3. Material

Window awnings come in different types of materials. The most commonly used ones are outdoor fabrics or aluminum. You can opt out of the two depending on where you plan to place your awnings. Outdoor fabrics generally require maintenance, but aluminum awnings have more extended durability and barely require any attention once installed. You should decide upon the material based on the weather conditions. If you expect the awnings to sustain through harsh climate conditions, aluminum awnings would be a perfect pick. You can also pick an outdoor fabric for areas not highly exposed to severe weather. Regardless of choice, ensuring whatever material you use is high-quality is key to preventing investing in awnings that damage easily.

4. Size

The size of your window awnings also depends upon the usage you want to install them for. Large awnings are generally installed with the purpose of protection, and the smaller ones serve more as a decorative or visual effect. You can also opt for compact awnings if installing large awnings is not a possibility. There may also be some regulations in place regarding the size of awnings you can install. Don\'t forget to check on these aspects before you decide to install them.

5. Type

There are different types of window awnings available in the market. Depending on several factors discussed above, you should decide the type of awning that would fit your requirements best.
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  • Retractable Awnings: During the winter, retractable awnings bring the sun into your home. These can be useful in areas where the winters are harsher and last longer. Awnings with switches and motors are also available for your convenience. Many of these come with weather and sun sensors. You can select an option based on your budget and requirements.
  • Patio Awnings: These are generally outdoor window awnings to prevent the heat of light from entering the patio or backyard.
  • Conservatory Awnings: These are installed on windows mainly to enhance the look of the property and protect the windows from any sun, heat, or rain.
  • Vertical Awnings: These are a stylish choice by most customers and are similar to outdoor blinds. You can close or open these awnings based on your need. The fabric used in vertical awnings is also often waterproof.

6. Styles

Window awnings come in a variety of styles. It depends on the type of awnings you pick and the material you decide to go with. If you choose to install outdoor fabric awnings, you will have a wide range of styles available in comparison to those available for aluminum awnings. Apart from that, there are also a number of options available in terms of traditional awnings with open or closed sides, the dome style, the waterfall style, or more. There are also further options for motorized awnings to match them with the style of your furnishings and home.

7. Color

Choosing the right color of window awnings is also essential to ensure it blends with the overall look of your home. A wrong color can disturb the entire style of your decor, and you do not want to make such a mistake, primarily when investing a huge sum in window awnings. The choice of color shouldn\'t be merely on the blend with your house, instead also with factors like whether it blocks the sunlight and provides privacy to your space, as well as whether it can control the amount of heat entering your home.


There are several benefits of installing window awnings in your home. Apart from the already known benefits of protection from weather conditions and heat, these are also a great way to increase the privacy of your home. They can also help reduce the heating and cooling costs for your house. Not only that, window awnings can help embellish the look of your property\'s exterior, with the choice of installing them wherever you like and removing them when you\'d like to give the space some change. Having window awnings would allow you the flexibility of keeping your windows open and enjoying the fresh air in your house without the fear of an invasion of privacy. If you need help picking window awnings for your property, contact Whittlesea Drapes and Blinds today! Let us help you make the right decision!