What Are The Most Energy Efficient Window Coverings

Admin 29 Jul 2022

What Are The Most Energy Efficient Window Coverings

If you are currently renovating your house or building a new space, you must already know how crucial window coverings are to maintain the lighting and privacy of your home. You must already have spent a lot of time deciding what type of window coverings you\'d want to opt for, but is your choice of window treatments energy-efficient? Energy efficient window coverings can help you drastically regulate your space\'s cooling or heating energy. Whether you opt for roller blinds, roman blinds, curtains and drapes, solar blinds, or window shutters, if they are energy saving window treatments, they can help you save your energy bills while keeping the house comfortable.

What Makes A Window Treatment Energy Efficient?

A common issue with incorrect window treatment choices is that they fail to control the amount of heat that enters the house. This results in the house feeling extremely hot in the summer and dreadfully cold in winter. While opting for heaters and air conditioners is one way of combating these issues, the energy bills from using these devices can make it challenging to keep going with such temperature issues in the house over a more extended period. Energy efficient window treatments have enhanced thermal performance that allows you to control the passage of heat in your house. It better retains and prevents heat in the house to suit the weather conditions. While there are fabric options that can help combat temperature issues in a space, wood is generally more effective in doing so.

Why Should You Opt For Energy Efficient Window Coverings?

1. Save on Energy Bills

When you have energy efficient window treatments installed in your house, you will save a fortune on your electricity bills. Most electricity is used in a home during winters to keep the house warm and in summer to keep the house cool. Since these are basic necessities to keep your home comfortable, even a tiny change in the choices for your house can lead to drastic effects.

2. Increase the Value of Your Property

Properties with good temperature control to get through all seasons are always more in demand and value higher than those without. When you invest in better energy-efficient window coverings, your prospective buyers would be willing to pay the price you set since not only do such windows provide better temperature control, but they also help save money on energy bills in the long run. 3. Save the Environment Climate change is a glooming issue in current times. While governments are putting in a lot of effort to control this, anything we can do as individuals would also make the earth a better place to live in for future generations. Energy-efficient homes are a step in the direction of saving the environment from excessive use of energy.
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Top 5 Energy Efficient Window Coverings

1. Cellular Shades Cellular shades are often the first choice of buyers looking for energy saving window treatments. Cellular shades\' distinctive cellular design traps air in the honeycomb-like cell pockets that help keep the house warm in winter and cool in summer. They are available in different varieties with options for light filtering opacity and top-down or bottom-up design. Not only are they available in different colors and designs, but they are also a safe option for houses with children or pets. Using energy-efficient cellular shades can help maintain better insulation, control the temperature, and help control the natural light leading to saving energy in any space. 2. Drapes Adding a layer of curtains or drapes to your roller blinds or roman blinds is another option for energy efficient window coverings. This is one such window feature that can provide better insulation while letting you control your space\'s look, design, and feel. Since curtains and drapes are economical, changing them from time to time is also an option. Drapes help add an extra layer of insulation to the windows to help maintain the desired temperature depending upon the weather. Adding a thermal liner at the back of your curtains or drapes to help you save energy further. 3. Solar Blinds Solar blinds are a perfect choice if you are looking for an option that protects your house from harmful UV rays while allowing you to enjoy an outdoor view. Solar blinds can help you control your energy bills by keeping the space cool. They come in different fabrics, transparency, and features that can help you manage the natural lighting of your room and privacy as well. Like solar panels, solar blinds come in different versions too - regular solar blinds and solar-powered blinds. Regular solar blinds are built to protect your space from harmful UV rays and reduce the amount of heat in a room. Solar-powered blinds, on the other hand, are an advanced version of energy-efficient window coverings that fall under the category of photovoltaic systems that allow you to transform the sun rays into electricity, making them a more energy efficient and bill-saving choice. 4. Window Shutters Window shutters have always been the go-to choice when you want to give your house a luxurious look as well as opt for something that lasts longer. Since window shutters are high-quality window treatments, they are also energy efficient and can help you save a lot of money on energy bills. Window shutters are generally installed directly into the window frames, reducing the gaps and creating a barrier to keep the insides of the house warm in winters and cool in summers. Window shutters may seem like a costly option. Still, they can increase the value of your property significantly plus all the other benefits of better privacy, control of light, and insulation.


Opting for energy efficient window coverings is a one-time investment that can yield excellent results in benefits in the future. As the weather conditions turn extreme with the passage of time, an intelligent choice of window treatments can help you save the cost of replacing them later on. Not sure how to choose the perfect energy efficient window treatments for your home? Contact Whittlesea Drapes & Blinds now for a free consultation and make the right choice for your home.