What is the difference between drapes and curtains

Admin 30 Sep 2022

Choosing the right window treatments can make a room more comfortable and beautiful. The first thing you do when you move into a new place is cover the windows. In addition to providing privacy and warmth, the right window coverings can change the aesthetics of a room.

Are you looking for window coverings that suit your home design style? There are many window treatment words to choose from, including curtains, drapes, valances, sheers, blinds, shades, shutters, and more.

Most people confuse curtains for drapes and vice versa. While curtains and drapes are both used as window treatments, they still have significant differences. Knowing these differences will help you distinguish between them while shopping for window coverings.

Let us begin by understanding what curtains and drapes are.

What Are Curtains?

Curtains are a type of window decoration that completes a home\'s interior design. A curtain can control a room\'s atmosphere and natural light flow. To change the look of your windows, you can choose from a variety of window curtains available these days. Thanks to the numerous color, material, and style options on the market, you have the choice of selecting curtain panels that complement your taste and home decor.

What Are Drapes?

The fundamental distinction between drapes and other fabric panels is that they are lined, sometimes with material so thick as to completely block out the light from the outside. This is why they are generally used as window treatments in bedrooms. Like curtains, drapes come in a variety of materials, sizes, shades, and colors, but they are used to give the space a more sophisticated look.

Difference Between Curtains And Drapes

There are too many differences between curtains and drapes, but it is important to recognize even the minor ones to purchase the right window treatments. Although both of them are similar, they can serve different purposes depending on your needs.


1) Curtains are made of sheer and lightweight fabrics and hence, are often used to keep a fine balance of light in the rooms.
2) Curtains are often a great choice for any room in the house. They fit well for all windows.
3) Curtains are available in different sizes. Depending on your interior and how long you want them to be, you can also customize them to fit your size requirements.
4) Since curtains are lightweight, they bring softness to your room and give a breezy feel to the room.
5) Curtains are low maintenance. Since the material is light or sheer, a regular wash once a month would be more than enough to keep them clean and maintained.
6) If you want to design your curtains in a particular style, you can choose to stitch them in different pleat styles. Some examples of header styles include wave, box, hidden, pinch, and hidden box pleats.


1) Drapes are made of heavier fabric and are mostly lined. They are a good way to block sunlight and hence are used in rooms accordingly.
2) Drapes are often used in bedrooms or areas where managing light in the room is important. 
3) Drapes are generally the size of the windows. Since they are made of heavier fabrics, most drapes are made to fit the size of the windows. However, drapes also come in long sizes to reach the floor.
4) Since drapes are heavier due to the kind of material used, they are an excellent choice to complement traditional decor.
5) Drapes are high maintenance and often need to be dry-cleaned. A simple machine wash may not always be enough to keep them clean.
6) Drapes are also popular since you can buy them with a motorization system. These motorized drapes can be operated through a remote or smartphone, giving a smart look to your house.

How To Decide Whether To Install Curtains Or Drapes?

The difference between curtains and drapes might not be much, but considering little details can help you make a better decision on which of them would fit your place best.

Depending on how you aim to use the room you\'re purchasing window treatments for, you should choose between curtains and drapes.

If you want more control over light and privacy in your room, drapes would be a perfect choice. This could be for bedrooms or rooms that require a formal feel. Drapes often give a heavier feel to the room.

However, curtains would be the right choice if you want to give the room a more relaxed vibe. They would give a flowy texture to the room and allow natural light in the space to provide it with an airy feel.

A lot of people also pair curtains and drapes together. This is a good choice if you want to add a texture and feel to the place yet like the flexibility of controlling privacy and light as per your needs.

Your budget would also make a difference in your choice. Curtains are generally cheaper than drapes since the material is not as heavy. Drapes are comparatively expensive. But if you buy curtains of premium quality to style your room as exquisitely as possible, they can be costly too.


Choosing window treatments for your house is not easy. If you\'re investing in something, it is essential to make the right decision that helps you fulfill your needs and complements the style of the rest of your interior. Need help deciding the suitable curtains or drapes for your house? Contact Whittlesea Drapes and Blinds now!